Top 5 Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts for Men

Skin Republic for Men Energising Face Mask Sheet

Valentine Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t found the perfect gift yet for your boyfriend or hubby, take a look at these top 5 beauty gifts. If your man appreciates good skincare and grooming products, these are the products that he’ll actually wants to use.

1. Sukin Body Wash
Sukin have formulated an effective, natural skincare collection created specifically to care for men’s skin – it only contains a few simple steps, is a quick routine to work through and each product will work to effectively care for the skin without fuss or complication. Pictured here is the Body Wash boasted with natural good-for-you ingredients such as Baobab Extract, Tasmanian Pepper, Aloe Vera, Chamomile & Jojoba Oils, while featuring a masculine blend of cinnamon and citrus to refresh the senses.

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2. Skin Republic for Men
 Energising Face Mask Sheet
This cotton sheet mask saturated in skin restoring serum is perfect for men who are concerned about tired, dry skin and the onset of wrinkles. Containing wrinkle-fighting CoQ10, vitamin E and smoothing vitamin C, the sheet mask cools and hydrates your skin, leaving it smoother than your pick-up lines. After 20 minutes your face will feel refreshed and reborn! 

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3. Kennedy and Co. Purifying Peat Facial Scrub
Kennedy and Co. caters to the men who like to keep things classy and simple. Offering skincare essentials like the Purifying Peat Facial Scrub, men can achieve clear and clean skin always.

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4. The Barb Xpert Shaving Soap
For men with beards, we recommend the amazing range of beard-focused products from the Barb Xpert’s collection offering all the essentials and more required for that perfect, rugged appearance that every man desires. Pictured here is the

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5. Noe Skincare Gentle Daily Cleanser
Last, but not least… what is better than buying a gift for your man that you can secretly use for yourself as well? Noe Skincare introduced a completely free of fragnance skincare collection that can be both used by men and women.

Noe Skincare Daily Gentle Cleanser
Noe Skincare Daily Gentle Cleanser

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