Korloff’s Jewelry shines in the Assila Towers of Jeddah

Korloff LogoThe enthusiasts of Korloff, the global jewelry brand, are eagerly waiting for the opening of the first and largest KORLOFF store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will include Mariage’s new collection in a 202 Sq.m area. The store will be the first introduced by Tamer Group for the top brand in the world of jewelry, where Jeddah city will witness its opening in Assila Towers, the latest and most luxurious mall in Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Street Al-Tahlia, being the outstanding destination of the most high-end brands. Thereby conforms to KORLOFF brand’s symbolism of elegance, sophistication, beauty and true global art.

On the opening occasion a new Korloff collection will be introduced including diamonds, jewelry and timeless white and yellow gold made watches, featuring the mother of pearl and diamond as they garnish its double (K) logo. As an expression of gratitude to Saudi women, Korloff has dedicated an exclusive boutique inside the store for “Korloff Mariage”, the new extension of KORLOFF brand, which has been developed to suit the lofty and unique taste of Middle Eastern women.

Korloff Mariage presents a wide variety of wonderful designs that meet all needs and tastes, ranging from classic to contemporary designs, taking into account local privacy as well as being enriched with the elegance of the French tradition. Korloff Mariage maintained its loyalty to the motto of the mother company, which focuses on giving value for money to customers with competitive locally standardized prices. The custom designs are exclusively meant for engagement and wedding occasions, according to the tradition of the Middle East as well as a blend between modern ideas and the tradition and inspiration of the past. The KORLOFF MARIAGE collection is expected to be the focus of many forthcoming wedding occasions.

The Korloff Diamond called “The Charming Legend” is one of the largest black diamond in the world and one of the world’s rarest kinds. The diamond weighs 88 carats and features highly skillful characteristics of cutting and polishing. The very stiff stone weighed 110 carats initially, then underwent cutting and polishing from within its Volcanic rock which took a complete one year to reveal its legendary charm and changing glamour that descent from ancient and very ambiguous origins.

It is worth to mention that Korloff “The Black Diamond” has been originated by Daniel Paillasseur in 1978 and based in Lyon the French city. Daniel Paillasseur was impressed by the diamond and managed to change it into a reality in the world of diamond and jewelry. He creatively succeeded in making the Korloff’s masterpieces a symbol of elegance, beauty and true global art. From a success to the other and with the advent of each year the creativity went on shining in the world of Korloff’s jewelry, achieving a sophisticated selection of jewelry that went beyond capitals to expand to the world’s major markets.

The Korloff Mariage Collection
The Korloff Mariage Collection
The Korloff Mariage Collection
The Korloff Mariage Collection
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