Talking Fashion in Paris with Sofya Benzakour

Beautiful, smart and kind, Sofya Benzakour Knidel is one of those girls who look almost too perfect to be true. The 24 year-old Moroccan fashion blogger knows Paris by heart, and it is always in a new corner of the City of Lights that she gives you a rendez-vous (as you say in French) to meet up, though she confesses her favorite place to shop is Le Bon Marché.  We’re catching up with this super-active woman to share with us her savvy shopping tips.

The first time we met, Sofya was wearing a large boyfriend coat cut in the cutest shade of pink, and a cutout pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and big pink gem earrings surrounding a nice low bun. Her petite silhouette graciously walked through the crowd to get a tall Latte and a blueberry cheesecake in a famous café on the avenue des Champs Elysées. Now, you would wonder where she hides all that cake. We do too. The weather was sunny, just like her bubbly mood and high-pitched little girl’s voice.


Sofya created her blog almost by chance. When she lived in Milan – another major fashion capital- for her studies, 3 years ago, she created a webpage to share her experience abroad with her family and friends. The online diary turned into a virtual lookbook when she started compiling her daily looks. And that’s how it all began. Her blog is called La Couleur du Moment, a romantic name meaning “the color of the moment”, as to capture the vivacity and genuineness of each moment.

To me, fashion is color. It is also a way to embrace who you are.

When asked what fashion is to her, the blogger says it is a way to communicate, to have fun and to affirm one’s personality. Hence shopping tip #1: choose clothes that will match your whole wardrobe, this will ensure you stay consistent but also that you do not get bored too quickly with what you just got.

Paying attention to all the details, Sofya decided where we she would tell us about her exciting upcoming projects, we thus headed to a nice suit of the Hôtel Bachaumont of Paris. There, she picked each piece she fancied to wear for Style of Arabia’s photoshoot, from the clothes to the jewelry. Sofya can turn the most common item into a festive or bold statement piece. And that is because of her shopping tip #2: do not buy something because it is trendy, but rather because it is consistent with your own style. Sorry fast-fashion, Sofya aims at more classic pieces, iconic items, and timeless collections.

Internet can also be an ally. Sofya knows it, as a 2.0 blogger, she likes cyber-shopping, and her favorite e-shop is Net-A-Porter. And, shopping tip #3: do not forget about sales. Sofya waits for them to get a chic it-bag each season. Her last indulgence? Gucci’s Dionysus.


Not contempt with only wearing her favorite designers’ (she has tons and cannot pick one) clothes, she decided to launch her own clothing line, Bahaar, meaning sea in Arabic. Her Moroccan roots definitely influenced the style of her newly released line, called Indian Summer, and are the main reason that triggered her thirst for creation. Her colorful collection is inspired by Moroccan artisans’ codes with a contemporary twist.

Sofya will have the opportunity to prove her designer’s skills very soon! She will be featured during Algiers Fashion Week in March 2016. Nothing seems to scare this young “dreamer”, as she calls herself.

I am a big dreamer, what keeps me motivated is to be able to tell myself one day that I made all my dreams came true.

Soon, on her Youtube channel, Sofya will be sharing interviews of other fashion bloggers she admires.


But do not judge the fashion magazine by its glossy cover, Sofya is more than just another blogger fond of trends and pretty clothes. Sofya is an architect. She recently graduated in Paris, the city where she has now been leaving for 6 years. Maybe the secret to why she knows it so well…

Sofya is wearing a black velvet crop top, a tulle ball skirt and green draped pants by Cheyma, and a kimono by Bahaar.

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