The Lebanese Kardashians

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 17.57.57They are brunette, they are beautiful, they are fond of selfies and plastic surgery, and they have their own TV show. Nope, we are not talking about the Kardashians sisters, but their Lebanese version:  “The Sisters”.

Nadine, Alice, and Farah Abdel Aziz are “The Sisters”, three young and pretty Lebanese siblings daily followed by cameras showing their lives on a TV show on LBC. It all started when they created a famous Instagram account in 2013, Style in Beirut, followed by merely 170 000 people.

Alice, 26 is the eldest. She is the bossy easy-angry one and writes on her own fashion and lifestyle blog. She hates waiting. Nadine, 23, is a model. She is fun and has a crazy childish temper. She loves her hair. Farah, 22, the youngest, is also the calmest and maybe the most serious.

Tow of the sisters have business degrees. They decided to created their own “image” industry because they always stick together. Nadine explains:

Being business graduated not just fashion oriented, we turned out this hobby into a profitable digital marketing business!

Sharing all the aspects of their lives, from fashion and shopping to holidays and glamour events, The Sisters are, for some, the new Arab Kardashians, and for others, a shallow and negative representation of Lebanese women. According to Nadine:

Our aim is to connect fashion around the world and to show the whole world how Lebanese women are smart, stylish and beautiful. Lebanon is not just a country struggling with issues, Beirut is and will always be the Paris of the Middle East.

Their older sister, the 4th Abdel Aziz, is married and lives in Lagos, Nigeria, which is why she is not as exposed as her siblings.

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Watch the first episode of The Sisters here.

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