Travel diaries: Dubai

It was the sixth of August when me and my twin sister arrived in Dubai. It was amazing to see one of the United Arab Emirates. We have seen the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Arab, the wonderful Atlantis hotel at the Palm Jumeirah and giantic shopping malls.

One of the beautiful places we have witnessed was the Palm Jumeirah. Everything was perfect, the whole picture, the magical flora that surrounded the building and the Arabian-inspired modern architecture. It almost looked like a scene from a Disney movie and for us the perfect place to make pictures.

If you are a muslimah who loves to travel, then Dubai is a great choice. This country is very muslimah-friendly. They have many prayer rooms available, halal food everywhere -like even on the smallest streetcorners- and they even have pink cabs just for ladies!

It’s all about the things you like. Do you like modern countries, expensive shopping malls, Arabic style and lots of sun, then Dubai is a must. But after a long hot day in Dubai, we were happy to continue our journey.

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