Backstage report: Elie Nore 2015

Elie Nore is a new fashion brand that has just started less than a year ago by fashion designer Ihesane. Just in less than 12 months she has managed to put a dazzling collection together. Soft nougat colors, combined with silky and soft fabrics makes it stand out of all the bling-bling caftans and dresses and brings evening wear back to modesty, class and style.

When you look at the collection you get a bit of a ‘Elie Saab’ feeling. Ihesane told us that it is true that she uses Elie Saab as an inspiration and she is working really hard to make the next collection more of her own. Like every designer is struggling and trying to improve each collection that they create. We’re already convinced of her talent and are already looking forward to next season!

Wanna see more? Check the website here.

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