Cheyma debuts collection at Alger Fashion Week Paris

The young designer Cheyma debuted her first collection at Alger Fashion Week Paris. If you have never heard of Alger Fashion Week in Paris before, don’t panic, it was the first-ever edition of this unique Algerian Fashion event.

For four days, from June 10 till 13, the fashion scene in Paris was swept by designers from Algeria, Morocco, France, Egypt, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. During the event, that was organized by Lynda Younga-Berber (the daughter of Faiza Arabella, who founded the eponymous brand), Samir Pain and Pierre Prigent-Humblot (former communications and marketing executive) – there was also a talent competition for young designers.

Cheyma was one of the participants. Her collection was a mix of pieces -like a potpourri as she likes to call it herself- displaying different influences from the Mediterranean region. From a tweed suit to the little black dress, everything passed by on the runway. Ordinary pieces, made extraordinary by playing with different fabrics, colors and cuttings. However, it is a little bit daring to put out a collection without sticking to a theme or any sort of consistency, but i think it works. Cheyma’s signature is clearly visible in all pieces. A casual, but edgy signature. See part of the collection below.

For more information about Cheyma, visit the website here.

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