The IT girls of the moment: Sama & Haya Abu Khadra


The stylish twins Sama and Haya Abu Khadra are the IT-girls in fashion of the moment. With their auburn fire locks — their “trademark” as they call it — and their sharp sense of style, they are in all front rows since they hit their 15th birthday (they are now 22).

Chanel - Karl Lagerfeld
Chanel – Karl Lagerfeld

The Palestinian siblings were born in Saudi Arabia. They now live in sunny Los Angeles, attending University of Southern California for their fine art and film studies.

Instagram, Coachella
Instagram, Coachella

They have been introduced to the fashion-scene by their mother, Rula,  owner of the famous ‘The Art of Living’ in Riyadh boutique during her fashionweek buying sessions.

The fashion twins stated: ‘Our mother taught us about what’s important: quality, material and cuts. She taught us what looks right.”

The twins do not only share the same features, but also the exact same interests, the same Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, on which they post their daily nail-art looks. They just love looking alike to startle people.

Oh, when I say I, I always mean we — Sama

We know we want to work together, always. Our ideas are different, but when we put them together, they just get bigger and better — Haya


Their best friends are the other famous Palestinian siblings, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and they are Karl Lagerfeld’s muse(s).
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