Shourouk, the Tunisian Gem

Shourouk Rhaiem


Since 2008, Parisian jewel designer Shourouk Rhaiem creates little gems that fashionistas are crazy about. Amongst her fans, you can count on Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Dello Russo.

“I only want to create jewellery that makes women feel beautiful and unique.”

Shourouk, which name means “sunrise” in Arabic, uses her Tunisian roots and numerous travels to cater her creations with a unique twist. You can definitely smell Tunis’ spicy souk’s fragrance on her statement necklaces, or feel Sidi Bou Said’s warm atmosphere on her blue-stones rings. Actually, the whole oriental influence and rigor is visible on her opulent pieces. Shourouk’s jewelry is a witty combination of whimsy and classic, neon pop colors on severely cut crystals. And she adds a subtle touch of secrecy to some pieces that only those in the know can detect. For example her pear shaped jewel, symbolizing the silver one a bride receives from her in-laws at her wedding in some Tunisian regions, the pear standing for fertility.

“Being native from Nabeul, a city famous for its knowledge of embroidery,


I’ve learned techniques from back home and have also always found the traditional Tunisian garment to be inspiring.”

She created a real jewellery style – bold, flashy and colorful – that everyone knows today so much it has been copied and imitated. Shourouk is the author of what we call today a statement necklace. Haven’t you seen them on Asos, on H&M’s shelves or even Zara?

Shourouk mainly uses hand-painted stones and Swarovski crystals to create fantastic statement necklaces and original PVC purses. Always on the verge of novelty, “she shakes up the code of Classical Joaiellerie by introducing painted neon stones into the intricate embroideries”.


You’d think her jewels are pieces so special they should only be worn on big occasions, but no, Shourouk wants them to be worn on a daily basis, “chunky yet comfortable“.

“I would rather twist a statement piece and wear it over a plain used tee-shirt, it creates a more intriguing and strong look.”


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