Abraj Kudai: World’s biggest hotel in Makkah

With a total site area of approximately 60,000 m² and a total built-up of around 1,4 million m² – Abraj Kudai will have a capacity of 10.000 rooms spread over the 12 towers that topped the building.

The five star towers -that’s set to cost 3,5 billion dollars- offer all related services for the visitors of the Holy Kaaba. Lower levels close to the Holy Haram area are used as commercial venues, thus ensuring immediate and easy access for the Haram visitors. The development is designed to accommodate adequate car parks on top of the commercial zones located at the base levels. Placing the parking floors in such a location is due to underground site constraints.

Abraj Kudai will accomodate a bus station, a shopping mall on the lower levels, 70 restaurants spread on different levels, a full size convention centre and different rooftop helipads. Interior designers Areen Hospitality from London will be responsible for the luxurious interiors of the hotel.

The five star hotel is expected to open doors in 2018. See pictures below for a visualization.



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