The prettiest thing a woman can wear…

Smile. How underestimated is this word. A very easy, little gesture that can have such a great impact on people. Making someone’s morning mood change in an instant into a cautious smile. Changing someone’s suspicious posture into a more welcoming one. Creating a connection with random people whom you haven’t met before. Making an angry little child turn his back on his mother and run to you. Haha.

Happy girls are the prettiest – Audrey Hepburn

I have always found that smiling people have this beautiful aura around them. An open, warm attitude, easy to talk to or to ask for directions when you’re lost, or just to silently sit next to when you’re not in the mood to talk.

I used to see that a long time ago in the subway or in the bus. Or sometimes in the streets when a neighbor greets you or a random fellow muslimah smiles saying ‘salam alaikom’ and moves on. Now everyone seems to be totally invested in their smartphones, wherever they are. Watching the same pictures over and over again, sending useless messages or staring at their screens without actually reading anything.

The name says it all: all those iPhones and iPads have changed people into socially awkward, self-centered creatures, only caring about their own bubble within the reality. It’s almost frightening how addicted some people have become to their phones or the social media apps they use that they display this extreme anti-social behavior – the total opposite of what the social media claim to do.

All those iPhones and iPads have changed people into socially awkward, self-centered creatures, only caring about their own bubble within the reality..

Anyway, so I was sitting in the subway yesterday and there was this weird quietness due to the fact that all the travelers around me were focused on what happened on their screens. It looked like a bunch of people were trying to imitate the hunchback of Notre Dame – bent over their phones and not able to look up,  except for a quick glance out of the window to see if they reached their stop yet. No one reading a newspaper or a book, staring out of the window or talking to the person next to them.

A little while later, when I got off the subway, I saw this young girl walking while she was typing something on her phone. She didn’t pay attention to anyone or anything around her. So when the pavement ended she didn’t see that either, tripped and fell pretty hard to the ground. Such a silly sight it was. I couldn’t help but smile a little (I know, I’m sadistic). I guess this time my smile didn’t send the positive vibes it usually does when she finally looked up and saw me do that.

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