Tara Sillery’s 5 essential styling tips

She has left her home country Ireland to pursue a career in fashion in the Middle East and with success. Tara Sillery has become one of the most prominent PR experts and TV personalities in the region. Time for us to ask her for some fashion advice for the Spring season!


  1. Always wear a smile, it is the most vital thing you can wear as it represents who you are.  By wearing a smile it shows you love life and you are a happy person and in turn your life will be full of happiness!
    NJ Designs
  2. Ensure your handbag always matches your mood!  An over-sized piece is not always the best option as I tend to throw so much unnecessary junk in big bags.  I am addicted to NJ Designs as she designs bags in mini and as normal sizes.  Perfect for days at work or night outs in town!TaraSilleryEssentials3
  3. Buy or steal an over-sized white lined shirt from your man.  Ideal for lazy nights in, wearing over jeans, leggings or for summer photo-shoots.
    Mint Velvet - Drape black blazer
    Mint Velvet – Drape black blazer
  4. Blazers – whether black, white, your bf’s or designer, every girl must own a minimum of two blazers in their wardrobe.  Ideal for wearing over jeans for a more formal look and perfect when you’re going to casual work meetings.TaraSilleryEssentials5
  5. Make sure whether you are in Dubai or St. Tropez that your beach attire is comfortable and fashionable, but most importantly wearable! Non crease and easy to remove is of high importance.


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