Upcoming Saturday 28th of March the 6th edition of Casa Fashion Show will take place in Sofitel Hotel Casablanca – organized by Kenza Cheddadi and choreography by Hakim Ghorab. Next to the Fashion Days and the Caftan Show in Marrakech this is one of the most prestigious events of the Moroccan fashion world. The theme will be ‘La Valse des Epoques, which refers to the Waltz of this era. With a theme that can be interpreted in different ways, it leaves designers up for their own imagination and creativity. One of our favourites designers Christophe Guillarme will also participate and we are already looking forward for this show. Ofcourse, the great and the good will turn up for this fashion event and with topmodels like Daniela Freitas, Sylvia Geersen, nightingales like Hélène Segara and Natasha St-Pier,Rachel Trapani and the participation of ex miss France Estelle Lefébure, this will be a show to remember.


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