Cheyma collection launched online

Cheyma The very first collection of fashion label CHEYMA has just launched so it’s time for an short interview with the designer Cheyma Ben Hassine..

Can you tell us something about your first collection?
This first collection is a pot-pourri of everything I like, I didn’t want to follow any rules and just create nice fashion wear that I felt like wanting at the moment. I wanted a collection that reflects me and most of the women I know: women who are always in the process of development and improvement with desires as numerous as the features in their characters – no matter their age.
What inspires you?
Growing up in Paris and living there for a long time, I felt like it was logical to base my first collection there. I also travel a lot so my main inspirations for the collection were Paris and Algiers. My parents are Tunisian (well mostly Tunisian – we have Libyan, Italian and Algerian blood too) so everything in my life even my roots seem to be a pot-pourri 🙂 I took all that heritage and tried to put it inside my creations, as well.

Who wears CHEYMA? What is the CHEYMA woman about?
Women who are bold, but also sensitive. Women who want you to think that they’re organized, while they’re actually a total mess 🙂

What are your plans for the future?
I have no precise plans for the future, I just want Cheyma to make me happy and make other women happy and be Cheyma (Cheyma means tall woman in Arabic and woman who wears a beauty mark (you can see too on the logo) it is also the name of the Prophet (saws) ‘s foster sister): Grand and not afraid of who they are nor what they want.
The collection
Through her eponymous brand, Cheyma intends to give life to her various influences in order to cultivate ties with women who recognize themselves in her creations. Forget dull colors and conformism: Cheyma rethinks the sophisticated and picky woman’s wardrobe, breathing new life into it with vibrant hues, loud patterns, and contemporary designs. Focusing on quality materials and flawless fits, the brand caters to what women want.
See the whole collection now on
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