Eating outdoors with niqab

Why flip it, when you can zip it? That’s what they thought at ZipNiqab©, they designed the first niqab with a zipper as a solution for eating outdoors with a niqab.

A niqab / veil is a cloth which is used to cover the face of some Muslim women. It’s used all around the world by Muslims and non Muslims alike. Muslim women who wear the niqab sometimes face a problem when attempting to eat in public. When eating in public, niqab wearing women usually eat underneath of the niqab (which can be sometimes messy) and sometimes they simply flip the niqab up and over their head to eat (which defeats the purpose of wearing the niqab). Their solution was to insert a hidden zipper in the niqab, which will allow Muslim sisters to eat comfortably while remaining modest. What do you think of this ‘solution’ ?

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