Mimi G brings poetry to fashion

This beautiful bracelet is just one of many pieces of the London-based jewellery label by designer MIMI G. The designer stated aspiring to create contemporary pieces with an Eastern allure and we see this statement being true in all pieces of the collection. Bringing famous poetry to fashion in handcrafted art pieces. Beautiful and unique calligraphy inspired by the greatest poets from the Arab world like Abdelhalim Hafiz, Nizar Qabbani and many more.

Here we see an shiny gold calligraphy bracelet with black faceted crystals with the text: سألونى الناس عنك يا حبيسبى, which means translated in English ‘People asked about you my love’. A song by the most admired singer of the Arab world Fairuz and written by the Rahbani brothers.
























To learn more about Mimi G or to place an order please visit the website here.

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